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IOT: A most Important Security element needed in every modern age Enterprises

 Published: September 21, 2020  Created: August 26, 2020

By Mr. Aditya Bhuwania

Internet of Things AKA IoT, is known to be intelligent connectivity of security devices. The use of IoT is increasing rapidly especially in India. India is among very few countries moving towards a digital and advanced world where the adoption of such technology has turned out to be very necessary.

IoT is used at very rapid space and is utilize for increasing productivity and levels of communication and enabling numerous functions across organizations worldwide. Unfortunately, some organizations’ lack of understanding of IoT’s specific security requirements hinders its growth potential. As such, an organization can only reap the promise of IoT’s benefits if it thinks of the security element as a vital component of implementation.

IoT helps in influencing in decision making policies and stratergies especially in companies with large amount of work force. The value of IoT solutions can be utilized in numerous ways-manner, ranging from infrastructure and energy management to healthcare systems and enhanced customer service. Fortunately, there are many companies which have laid their trust in it and adopted the solutions at a short period of time. Many of the IoT solutions enable organizations to innovate their processes and provide competitive differentiation. Tough, Organizations have experienced security breaches in the very functions in which they were utilizing IoT solutions, security to be a major concern when rolling out their implementations. The concerns range from malicious hackers to threats to the safety of human life and so on. It’s due to lack of optimizations or say it has lack of awareness in large organizations in a very early period of adapting the resources.

A complete IoT security solution must address physical, networking, and data security components. Many organizations recognize that they need help with IoT security implementation and are seeking assistance from third-party vendors. Specifically, they seek vendors with expertise in providing IT infrastructure and security solutions that are reliable and scalable. It needs to secure the Cloud, Device and any loophole within them.

There are various elements for IoT security and it varies from vendors, cost, flexibility etc. Some of the more frightening vulnerabilities found on IoT devices have brought IoT security further up the stack of issues that need to be addressed quickly. Now security firms and manufacturers are joining ranks to help secure the IoT world before it spins out of control. As said earlier, the IoT can be secured by Securing hardware, Securing Communication, Securing lifecycle management and most importantly securing the Cloud.

Increasing the automation of IoT is also one of the major factor regarding the security. These IoTenabled solutions covers a wide range of businesses and commercial aspects with the ability to connect, monitor, and control millions of Internet-connected devices, exchange information, and take autonomous action based on continuous input. IoT-enabled applications and solutions are evident across various industry and government sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, oil/gas, utilities, energy, and water. Results from our survey of business, IT, and security professionals highlight current and future plans to deploy IoT functions.

Firms use IoT solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. India being one of the advance technological country needs to adapt to various segment of technology and software for the same, which somewhere strongly influence companies from various domain to adapt or enable IoT solution. It brings value towards internet and technologies in the form of Wifi, Security sensors, condition sections, GPS Tracking, Real Time tracking and so on.

Nowadays, majority of businesses started to adapt and enable the IoT solutions and are currently seeking assistance using secured elements of IoT from High performing cloud Vendours, IT infrastructure or security solution providers to fill gaps. This things have proven that IoT is an Important security element needed in every modern age Enterprises.

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