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Global Threats

The cyber threat landscape is always changing and evolving and have always been a universal menace which can come from anywhere in the world, or many places at once, capable enough to leave a scar or cause a huge disaster. Hackers are notoriously dynamic, constantly improving their tactics and tools to bypass the latest security countermeasures. Organizations that want to minimize their exposure to cyber threats need to have a comprehensive and updated security strategy with multiple layers of protection and detection.

United States

Universal masking prevents some school outbreaks and lowers case rates. [...]

Bitcoin is breathing new life into another ailing power plant. [...]

The new laptops are still expected to launch by the end of the year. [...]

Public disclosure comes in wake of other grumblings about Apple's bug bounty behavior. [...]

How much you like the series may depend on whether you're a stickler for staying faithful to the source material. [...]

United Kingdom

Explaining the forthcoming NCSC Technology Assurance Principles. [...]

Chris Ensor highlights some important elements of the NCSC's new Technology Assurance strategy. [...]

Risk appetites; what are they, what’s their purpose, how do organisations go about defining them? [...]

Sara Liddell, Principal of Knockevin Special School, explains the opportunities for pupils and staff following their CyberFirst award. [...]

Saj Huq of Plexal explains why collaboration with the NCSC brings opportunities to the cyber security sector. [...]


Some experts say gender inequality will likely remain unaddressed as the Liberal Democratic Party is still heavily influenced by conservative male heavyweights. [...]

The leaders of the United States, Japan, India and Australia vowed to pursue a free and open Indo-Pacific region "undaunted by coercion." [...]

Family members have been demanding that the immigration agency disclose two weeks' worth of security camera footage showing the 33-year-old's final days and clarify her ... [...]

The seemingly intractable impasse came to a rapid resolution Friday after Huawei's Meng Wanzhou struck a deferred prosecution agreement with U.S. authorities. [...]

Suga also highlighted issues including China's growing assertiveness in regional waters and North Korea's recent missile launches. [...]


The post A Smarter Vulnerability Management Solution for Credit Unions appeared first on Digital Defense, Inc.. The post A Smarter Vulnerability Management Solution for Credit Unions appeared first on Security… [...]

New research about 16th Century America has this important insight …we see individuals fleeing slavery who are able to hold the Spanish Empire at bay and fight them to a… [...]

The first Tesla “Autopilot” crash fatality was January 2016. It crashed into the back of a high visibility service vehicle with flashing safety lights. Did you know? Tesla at that… [...]

Cyberattacks targeting Active Directory are on the upswing, putting pressure on AD, identity, and security teams to monitor the constantly shifting AD-focused threat landscape. To help IT pros better understand… [...]

Our thanks to DEFCON for publishing their tremendous DEFCON Conference Cloud Village videos on the groups' YouTube channel. Permalink The post DEF CON 29 Cloud Village – Felipe Pr0teus’ ‘Hunting… [...]


A new shopping app launched in Hong Kong named KaiKai is pushing targeted discount deals to consumers and allowing them to order online and then physically pick up their products… [...]

The surprise agreement between US prosecutors and Huawei Technologies executive Meng Wanzhou that allows Meng to return to China after nearly three years of detention in Canada will not reset… [...]

China’s central bank has intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrency activities, warning on Friday that anyone involved in providing support to an offshore exchange could come under investigation.It is in one… [...]

President Xi Jinping has called for international technology cooperation to tackle global challenges at a time when rivalry between China and the US is heating up.Xi made his comments on… [...]

Huawei Technologies Co’s rotating chairman put on a brave face amid threats of fresh US sanctions, saying that the existing trade ban is causing at least US$30 billion in losses… [...]


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IIT Delhi, through its newly formed Optics and Photonics Center (OPC) named “Optics Learning Centre”, has launched an outreach initiative .... [...]

With the democratization of information, it is easier to learn and stay updated with the trends. In 2021, when you .... [...]

The National Association of Software and Services Companies, in association with WazirX, launched its report titled ‘Crypto Industry in India’. The report sheds light on .... [...]


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