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Business and Cybersecurity: Making Your Org Better and More Profitable

 Published: September 17, 2019  Created: September 17, 2019

By Devin Smith

The only thing that is changing in the business arena is the typical enterprise organization chart. As businesses aim to meet the pace of the rapidly evolving digital economy, many struggle with restructuring internal departments, developing and distributing products with overarching objectives of making more profits. To make these well-intentioned adjustments, enterprises need to establish robust and broadly integrated cybersecurity capabilities and recalibrate their operations.

The Growing Footprint of Data in Businesses

The degree of difficulty in achieving a comprehensive cybersecurity posture is difficult. Since online threats continue to grow in sophistication, footprints for data in enterprises continue to expand.

Data is the new gold, the new oil; the need to leverage data is crucially essential in the business line and is the need of the hour.

Respondents in research conducted by ISACA said that the strong culture of cybersecurity would increase the organization’s profitability. They added that it would help the enterprise to become more on-target and embrace digital businesses.

Cloud is another area where bolstering security capabilities will be critical, while cloud computing has been increasingly attractive to businesses with traditional server-based systems, which is no longer available for storing or protecting data.

Modern cloud platforms supply enterprises with many options which offer storage and protection leading to improved flexibility and scalability.

Changing DevOps into DevSecOps

Another crucially important factor is the integration of security principles like DevOps. In the era where business velocity is reaching a dizzying pace, enterprises have shifted their attention towards DevOps to move faster in their builds and deliveries.

However, there is a problem – security is often an afterthought of this process. This puts developers in a complex position to figure out which practice would be best for their own organization.

Working security into the DevOps program (which is often referred to as DevSecOps) allows the security team to get involved in the design process and ensure that flaws are identified and addressed before they require costly fixes.

Similarly, agile development methodology should take cybersecurity into account and ensure that all data is properly categorized with a comprehensive risk-based approach to safeguard the data.

We have seen enterprises getting more attentive, positioning themselves to sell product and increase revenue rather than protecting themselves and their customers from potential security threats.

As we move closer to 2020, the pace at which businesses are aligning with the technology-driven digital economy will escalate.

Since we are in the early phase of digital transformation, we might face fierce threats that can not only take our business’s virtue but can take down the entire business.

Considering the way artificial intelligence, robotics, and online proliferation of devices is creating new business opportunities, it is very likely that we might see some new methods of product development and bringing products to the market.

Integrating cybersecurity practices in all areas of the organization leads to implementing new security capabilities which are baked in cloud services and are turning DevOps to DevSecOps.

Enterprises now have the flexibility to reimagine their business as a stable foundation where they can innovate and build an entire empire.

Injecting Confidence in Employees

One of the things where you can invest in your business is cybersecurity boot camps. These programs help staff learn the right way to behave online. Moreover, they will help staff stay secure online.

The outcome will be a low likelihood of having hackers and other bad actors which threaten the well-being of your company entering through employees.

In the age of digital dominance, you can be a cybersecurity activist rather than just sitting in the corner waiting for your turn to get infected. Best cybersecurity practices not only give your enterprise a stable foundation but pave the way for innovation, which can be your gateway to new heights.

There are businesses that have lost everything – their pride, finances, worth, and market position. Only because they didn’t take cybersecurity seriously. So, pledge with us that you won’t take online security for granted and will strive to make your enterprise a safe haven for employees.

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