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Zero Day Exploit

A zero-day exploit is a cyber attack targeting a software vulnerability which is unknown to the software vendor or to antivirus vendors. The attacker spots the software vulnerability before any parties interested in mitigating it, quickly creates an exploit, and uses it for an attack. Such attacks are highly likely to succeed because defenses are not in place. This makes zero-day attacks a severe security threat. Typical attack vectors include Web browsers, which are common targets due to their ubiquity, and email attachments that exploit vulnerabilities in the application opening the attachment, or in specific file types such as Word, Excel, PDF or Flash.

Experts believe the frequency of zero-day attacks will rise to one per day by 2021, as opposed to one per week in 2015. As the flaw can go unnoticed for years until the software vendor finds the weakness and release a security patch to gauge the vulnerability which increases the complexity and the sophistication of damage. For example, all of us are aware of the Stuxnet, a type of zero-day vulnerability is a highly infectious self-replicating computer worm, which shook the world in silence by disrupting the Iranian nuclear plants. Notably 2010 was known as the “The Year of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities for Browsers” and famous applications like Adobe products (Flash, Reader), Internet Explorer, Java, Mozilla Firefox, Windows XP and many others were affected by zero-day exploits.

ASI provides the first line of defense with proactive measures with comprehensive security software that protects against both known and unknown threats. As your second line of defense our cyber professionals assist you in keeping abreast on recent security trends by installing new software updates and patches when they become available from the manufacturer to help reduce the risk of malware infection. Keeping in mind the ‘zero day’ gap, our security experts respond to a risk faster with quick review of your organization’s cyber security documentation and processes with a detailed analysis on assessment of maturity and risks. We make sure that the organization will have a comprehensive roadmap to mitigate your risks and improve your security posture in cloud.


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