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Logic Bomb

A logic bomb, or slag code, is malicious code inserted into the software to trigger system damage when certain conditions are met. The term comes from two concepts, “logic”, a concept employed in software and electronic circuits to trigger an event when certain conditions are fulfilled, and “bomb”, a device that is exploded to cause destruction. Time bombs have a similar function but are designed to activate at a predetermined date and time. Examples of triggers for logic bombs and time bombs could be a specific record being deleted from a database or a set date like Valentine’s day.

Unlike trialware, time bombs and logic bombs execute payloads that are unwanted and unknown to the user. The scale of destruction inflicted on the system or network varies according to the payload executed. Common malicious behavior includes data manipulation, deleting user and system files and erasing hard drives. Logic bombs and time bombs are inherently malicious and are often embedded into legitimate software or other malicious software like worms and viruses. They remain dormant, often untraceable till triggered. Triggers for these bombs could be positive or negative i.e. when a condition is fulfilled or not fulfilled.

Users browsing unverified sites are most susceptible to time bombs and logic bombs. It is best to avoid pirated software versions that often carry malicious but untraceable payloads, inactive during download but triggered later and time. Downloading a robust antivirus program is the best defense against harmful payloads that these bombs trigger. AttackSolutions offer antivirus software that continually protects users from malware and minimizes the chances of infections. We maintain a repository of viruses, worms and other payloads that attack vulnerable systems. The antivirus detects active malware and immediately alerts users to prevent system damage.


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