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Spyware is among the earliest and most common Internet threats, infiltrating user devices to launch a range of attacks, often without the user’s knowledge. It is easy for devices to be infected with spyware and difficult to detect and delete, especially since most users are not aware of infections. Spyware runs in the background, collecting sensitive information about the user like browsing habits and personal information. There exist very advanced types of spyware that collect extremely private information like usernames and passwords, financial and banking data, credit card numbers, copies of personal messages and personal pictures.

When a user browses the Internet, unauthorized software is often installed on the device. Users are also forced to download spyware from pop-up windows or fake dialog boxes. Well-designed content frequently manipulates users into clicking on gift offers links or extra software required to continue an operation. Pop-Ups display a cancel button that download spyware onto user devices when clicked on. Thus, it is advisable that users close such pop-up windows rather than clicking inside them. One of the earliest signs of a spyware infiltration is that random error messages appear during routine operations that previously worked fine.

Downloading reliable cybersecurity software on your device is an effective counter against spyware. AttackSolutions maintains an extensive list of spywares in a database that is constantly updated and offers an antivirus software designed to protect users against such spyware. The antivirus identifies spyware attacks and alerts the user when it is found in the system, prompting user action. Users are advised to download and install programs only from reliable sources and avoid pirated or cracked versions of software. AttackSolutions provides training material to educate users about Spyware. We also provide online, and on-site training designed to suit the customer’s requirements.


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