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A Spoofing attack involves hackers masquerading as legitimate user systems or devices of a network to steal sensitive data, spread malware, circumvent authentication checks, attack network controllers or to otherwise gain an illegitimate advantage over the user’s system and the network. Cybercriminals employ various spoofing techniques to achieve malicious objectives depending on their level of expertise in designing such techniques. Email Spoofing, Caller ID Spoofing, and Website Spoofing are relatively straightforward techniques and less commonly used while IP address Spoofing attacks, ARP Spoofing and DNS Server Spoofing are sophisticated attacks and more commonly employed on networks.

Email Spoofing involves luring users into clicking links that appear to originate from authentic sources. In Caller ID Spoofing hackers masquerade as a legitimate caller with verifiable numbers. Website Spoofing is when a criminal website is disguised as a credible website like a bank website. Criminals use IP (Internet Protocol) Spoofing to mask the IP address of a computer to perpetrate a crime. Attackers use ARP spoofing to link their own MAC (Media Access Control) address to an IP address of a legitimate system. DNS Spoofing enables hackers to divert Internet traffic to other IP address that often hosts malware.

An effective countermeasure against Spoofing is to use reliable cybersecurity software. AttackSolutions offers users robust antiviruses that are constantly updated to protect users from the latest malware. Our antivirus identifies spyware attacks, alerts users to its risks and prompts them to quarantine or delete confirmed spyware. Other measures to protect users are to download software from known and trusted sources and to avoid pirated or cracked software. AttackSolutions also has training materials to educate users on the dangers and measures against spyware. We offer our users online as well as on-site training, customized according to requirement.


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