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Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to encrypt and lock users out of their systems so that the user cannot access important data and is required to pay the perpetrator money to recover data and file access. Ransom demands are usually made in cryptocurrency, a form of digital currency that is hard for law enforcement to trace. Users become aware of ransomware when they are locked out of their systems or encounter encrypted files with a countdown clock that pressures them into paying up or risk their data being corrupted or deleted if the clock runs out.

Once a user’s personal or system files are encrypted, it is close to impossible to decrypt the files or access the system without paying the hacker ransom, as ransomware uses RSA 2048 technology to encrypt data that only the hacker can decrypt. Before paying up, users should be warned that their data could remain locked even after the demanded ransom is delivered to the perpetrator. When confronted by a ransomware attack, it is advisable to disconnect the device from all networks and try restoring a previous version from a back-up before yielding to a hacker’s demands.

AttackSolutions offers users a cloud backup solution in which data is set to backup automatically or manually onto secure cloud servers. The data on our cloud servers is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security. The AttackSolutions Antivirus employs heuristic functions to detect and analyze new forms of Ransomware. A few other tools that we employ to detect, and block ransomware are Avast, Trend Micro Ransomware, Bitdefender Anti Ransomware, and the Kaspersky Anti Ransomware tool. A good first line of defense against ransomware is to continually update all software and apps on the system to the latest version.


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