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Password Attack

A password attack is a malicious attempt to break into a computer system with usernames and passwords. This is a direct attempt at gaining system access without triggering security alerts. In this type of attack, hackers try to uncover a legitimate user’s password using different methods, akin to stealing a safe’s keys rather than cracking it open. A common hacker technique is to constantly guess and verify a user’s password against its cryptographic hash. The perpetrator would have to profile users to uncover passwords, and even then, it could take millions of combinations to get through server safety mechanisms.

The most frequent password attack methods are Brute Force – where a program attempts millions of password sequences to hit the right one; Dictionary attack – referencing a dictionary for different password combinations that users would most likely have; Traffic interception – using program to monitor user interactions online to extract usernames and passwords from packets sent out; Key Logger attack – an attack that infects a user’s system with malware that tracks keystrokes to identify usernames and passwords; Social Engineering attack – tricking a user into revealing passwords by posing as a legitimate authority.

The best way to prevent password attacks is to use easy to remember but hard to guess passwords created with a combination of uppercases, lowercases, numbers and symbols. It is also essential to educate employees, as educating users about password retrieval techniques that hackers employ is the best way to protect them from social engineering attacks. AttackSolutions has designed such scenarios. We provide online as well as on-site training according to a customer’s requirements. We recommend as well as develop unique sign-on (hard to guess usernames) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect our consumers from password attacks.


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