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Mobile Cyber Security

Mobile devices have become the primary gateway for cyber security attacks. In a 2018 Enterprise Mobility Exchange poll, 28% of users identified fake WiFi networks as the biggest threat to mobile devices, with malware infections coming in at 27%, malicious mobile apps at 25%, and phishing attacks at 20%. Attackers could leverage a compromised identifier to use mobile Internet at the legitimate user’s expense and carry out fraud and impersonation. Attackers can also hijack user session data containing relevant identifiers (e.g., phone number) of a real subscriber and impersonate him to access the Internet. “These attacks can also be used by a dishonest MNO to create roaming traffic, with the MNO (falsely) charging another operator for non-existent roaming activity of that operator’s subscribers,” states the report.

These alarming results shine a light on the increasing vulnerabilities enterprises or individuals need to be prepared for. Since the threat vectors are becoming more sophisticated, our cyber security experts’ help you mitigate risks in line with the IQPC’s Enterprise Mobility Exchange guidelines. Attack Solutions grasps the full spectrum of mobile risk and the complete array of mobile threats to empower security teams to prevent and remediate advanced threats completely missed by legal controls. Our services deliver rich context across the operating system, memory, CPU and more, so abnormal behaviors are accurately identified to uncover all affected endpoints, users and attacker’s communications.


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