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Malware is a generic term that refers to any type of malicious software that is designed to harm a computer or a network. Malware is programmed to infiltrate vulnerable networks, security devices, and individual computer systems. Hackers and cybercrime perpetrators use malware to access user devices, steal personal data, monitor user activities, infect other devices in the network and spam the target user’s contacts. Except for spyware, other forms of malware are developed to hijack and disrupt core system functions. Malware infections are noticeable, as they slow down system operations or render the entire system inoperable.

Common types of malware are Viruses, malware that is embedded inside another program, designed to infect files and file systems to disrupt system functions Spyware, programs that furtively monitor user activity from a remote location to collect sensitive data, Adware, malicious software designed to bombard user systems with advertisements, Worms, standalone self-replicating software that destroy files and programs, Rootkits, software that offer hackers administrative level access to a system enabling them to execute remote operations, and Keylogger, malicious software that records user keystrokes to send hackers logs, often used to monitor email and obtain usernames and passwords.

AttackSolutions offers an antivirus tool that provides complete protection against malware as it detects, quarantines and deletes malicious software and infected files. Our antivirus provides real-time protection by monitoring a user’s online activity and warning him or her of potential threats. The antivirus identifies and alerts users about potential threats, blocks malware, quarantines and restores infected files, recovers data from backups and reassesses the system to seal security gaps. Our software performs routine scans to ensure that the system is clear of malware. Infection Monkey, Threatcare, NeSSi2, and CALDERA are some AttackSolutions automation tools to prevent malware attacks.


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