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A keylogger is a piece of hardware or software that can monitor and record data without a user’s consent. Keyloggers either store the collected data on the same device or send captured data to remotely controlled devices. A keylogger could be hardware-based or software-based, with software keyloggers being the more common as it is easier to inject into a device than to install a physical device onto the system. Keyloggers are usually downloaded as part of rootkit programs and are designed to masquerade as APIs on the operating system, allowing hackers to record every keystroke a user makes.

Keyloggers could range from basic data collection software to more sophisticated programs like kernel-level keyloggers and man-in-the-browser keyloggers. Hardware keyloggers are less in use owing to difficulties in implementation. Such keyloggers could be installed only when the criminal has physical access to the target device. It can be inserted during manufacture, repair or system deployment. Hardware variants of the keyloggers like those at the BIOS level are most commonly installed during the manufacture or repair of a system. Other hardware forms include USB flash drives or connectors that are inserted between the system and the keyboard cable.

An anti-keylogger program is more effective against different types of keyloggers than antivirus or anti-spyware programs. As there are many different variants of software keyloggers, often with the same privileges as antivirus software, most antiviruses are often tricked into identifying keyloggers as legitimate programs. AttackSolutions offers its users an Anti-keylogger software designed specifically to search for software keyloggers by matching device files against a keylogger signature base or a checklist of keylogger attributes. We also conduct hardware audits at our clients’ premises to ensure that their devices and networks are free of hardware keylogger devices.


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