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Eavesdropping, also known as snooping or sniffing, happens when an unauthorized party with malicious intent stealthily overhears a conversation, and modifies or deletes essential information that is transmitted between two electronic devices. With an eavesdropping attack, hackers listen in on data that flows through the network. This gives them access to things like passwords, identifying details, and credit card numbers. Eavesdropping attacks are different from man-in-the-middle attacks because the data still directly reaches its destination. Because of this, eavesdropping attacks are even harder to detect than man-in-the-middle attacks.

There are two types of eavesdropping attacks; passive eavesdropping and active eavesdropping. With passive eavesdropping, the hacker simply listens to data that is passing through the network. With active eavesdropping, hackers disguise themselves which allows them to impersonate a website and hack the user’s private data. Encryption is the widely used technique to protect the confidential communications, which is shown to work effectively in wireless LAN. However, it is impractical to apply the conventional encryption algorithms to wireless ad hoc networks due to the inferior computational capability of wireless nodes, the limited battery power of wireless nodes, and the difficulty of managing the vast distributed wireless nodes.

Hence there is a need for a thorough network scan of the entire possible node in the communication path/network and a strong military grade encryption embedded to defend these kinds of attacks.Our experts, with the help of the top topological scanners and infiltration tools such as NMap, Metaspoilt, Burp Suite etc, the attack vectors are identified and patched with a strong military grade encryption involving a 256-bit encryption, where even if the attacker may gather the data via eavesdropping, it would take around billion years to decode it. On a defensive scale, and work from home nature of employees due to pandemic, training and awareness about the eavesdropping attacks before they download an application, software or connect over a weak network, will be a big disaster saver.


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