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Cyber Security Vulnerability Remediation

Post assessment and mitigation, our cyber experts’ come up with a summary of the weaknesses successfully exploited, the business consequences corresponding to these exploitations, and remediation options that can be exercised to rectify these weaknesses. The emphasis is laid on Two-Factor Authorization, Elimination of shared accounts, reliance on well defined shared responsibility model and use of standardized assessment client Questionnaire before any new business proposal. With open source security vulnerabilities, Software Composition Analysis (or SCA) tools enable us to automatically detect all open source components in an organization’s systems, identifying them as soon as they are added to the code base, and alerting admins the inventory of new vulnerabilities that are published in one of the various security advisories or databases.

This is crucial, since most popular open source components are supported by a large community that continuously collaborates on checking and updating the security vulnerabilities which without an expert’s analysis and matching it against updated security advisories, these vulnerabilities are easy to miss and a mess when discovered too late. Then the recommended summary is left to your perusal to establish prior remediation measures so that you can urgently rectify the most damaging ‘high’ and ‘moderate’ vulnerabilities, and subsequently address the lower risk priorities over time.


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