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Cyber Security Traffic Analysis

Originally coined by Gartner, Network traffic analysis (NTA) is the process of intercepting, recording and analyzing network traffic communication patterns in order to detect and respond to security threats. Attackers are perpetually modifying their tactics to avoid detection and frequently leverage legitimate credentials with trusted tools already deployed in a network environment, making it difficult for organizations to proactively identify critical security risks. While other network security tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection system focus on monitoring vertical traffic that crosses the perimeter of a network environment, NTA solutions are focused on virtual network traffic, traffic from and within cloud workloads, operational technology and Internet of things (IoT) networks and server less computing instances.

Network traffic analysis by our experts, is a response to attackers’ relentless innovation, offering organizations a realistic path forward for combating creative attackers. We focus on network behavior patterns attributed to all entities (i.e., machine ids, IP addresses, etc.) within the network which is particularly powerful for spotting new, unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and attacks that are slow to develop, as well as identifying rogue behavior by insiders (or attackers using legitimate insider’s credentials). For example, NTA performed by Attack Solutions can detect endpoint malware missed by software dependent on signatures and known patterns.


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