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Cyber Security Threat Neutralization

With the increased use of Information Systems (IS) by businesses across the world, there is increasingly constant exposure to information security risks. We find in our experience that organizations prefer to handle matters of security ‘in their own terms’ and apply neutralization (termed rationalization) techniques to overcome the effects posed by security threats. Cybercriminals want quick and painless wins against easy victims. Become a difficult target by beating attackers at their own game using a security approach centered around Zero Trust to dramatically reduce your institution’s attack surface, unify access controls, and decrease operational cost and complexity.

Neutralisation is a technique to rationalize maleficence. Interestingly, our experts in line with standards such as NISTIR 7621, provide specifically tailored to various organizations either small or big which could offer great insights on how to manage security risks with the Morph-free protection against today’s leading malware and ransomware (i.e. Locky, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker, Dridex, Dyre, BlackEnergy, etc.) and tomorrow’s even more sophisticated attacks. By Adopting an identity-centric, Zero Trust mindset that factors in context before granting access and Proactively detect and remove internal and external threats targeting your organization our experts neutralize the adversaries.


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