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Cyber Security Threat Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment as performed by Attack Solutions is a framework that enables us to establish your cyber security baseline, and qualifies the robustness of your cyber practices to secure your critical assets. We evaluate your security posture based on state of the art security approaches such as NIS Directive, Fed RAMP CSA Matrix, NIST SP800, and ISO 27001. These are widely accepted security protocols that provide a standardized approach to security assessment. As an established third Party Assessment Organization, these standards enable our security experts to execute assessment as an explicated investigation of all your computing assets including software, network, hardware, server farms, and other cyber elements including virtualised components.

Organizational transparency is the key to a thorough cyber risk assessment. As the assessment is about understanding, controlling and mitigating cyber risks, a lot of questionnaires are to be answered so as to assess the deepest and least of the assets. The Customer data collected pertaining to the questionnaires stay concealed with us, as Attack Solutions comply with guidelines of HIPAA, PCI DSS or APRA CPS 234. The responses help us to formulate a most effective and detailed risk response strategy, specially tailored to your organizational need and help you in the process of indecision making.


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