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Cloud Cyber Security

Cloud computing offers many new possibilities and efficiencies for organizations as they migrate their applications to the cloud, both public and private. However, innovation and reliance on the cloud also introduces risk. Attack Solutions can support your organization by assessing your cloud infrastructure to determine if the appropriate levels of security and governance are implemented to counter these challenges. Our service provides both remote and on-site advisory support to evaluate the security of your cloud infrastructure. This evaluation is executed in compliance to the state of the art security approaches such as NIS Directive, Fed RAMP CSA Matrix, NIST SP800, and ISO 27001.

Multi-cloud environment is every organization’s choice as it allows them to pick and choose their preferred cloud services across different CSPs (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce). However, each individual CSP adopts its own jargon, its own specific technologies and approaches to security management. Hence our comprehensive evaluation over the cloud assets focuses on areas such as Overall security posture through conduct and documentation reviews, Access control and management by reviewing user accounts and key management, focusing on privileged and least privileged account, Incident management through incident response policy related to cloud infrastructure, Data protection by assessing technical implementation of data protection in-transit and at-rest, Network security by reviewing segmentation and firewall policies against common misconfigurations and Risk management and compliance by reviewing security policy components focusing on patching, vulnerability analysis and related risk management areas.


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