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Botnet is a network of computers working in a synchronized manner to commit cybercrime. Each computer in a botnet connection is called a ‘bot’. Hackers gain access to individual systems to create an automated network designed to propagate malware, send spam or to launch disruptive Internet attacks. Botnets were originally developed for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and deployed for legitimate reasons. In time, hackers designed and implemented various methods to exploit IRC network vulnerabilities to engage in malicious operations like logging keystrokes or infecting systems with Trojans. Hackers target computers not safeguarded by firewalls or antivirus software.

Botnets are deployed to perpetrate cyberattacks as these attacks cannot be traced back to the hacker since the origin is a bot. Cybercriminals manipulate bots in many ways, most often via worms and viruses. Hackers and organized crime syndicates use botnets to perform malicious activities. Hackers use botnets to propagate continuous denial of service attacks while crime syndicates use botnets to send email spam or to phish computer systems, even offering the highest bidder botnets on “rent”, to help perpetrate digital attacks. These businesses are called ‘bot herds’ and those selling or renting herds are ‘botherders’.

AttackSolution’s anti-virus software constantly protects your devices from vulnerabilities that botnets can leverage, thus mitigating the risk of your system being compromised. With the right reconfiguration, we protect your firewall and routers against botnet attacks. AttackSolutions detects the Command and Control(C&C) server and immediately contacts Law Enforcement to shut down its operations. However, with more sophisticated malware and decentralized system communication, it is harder to track and eliminate infected systems. The most effective approach currently in practice involves identifying and removing botnet malware from infected systems and replicating peer-to-peer connections instead of targeting the C&C source.


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