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A computer virus is a software that reconfigures or alters the way a device operates by making copies of itself to user applications, boot sectors or system files. Viruses need to be actively injected into a software, system or network by hackers and are often carried as hidden payload in legitimate software. Once a device has been infected it can infect other software and system resources, alter or disable core functions and applications, copy, delete or encrypt information. Some viruses are designed to replicate on infection while others are triggered by specific events that execute malicious code.

Viruses are mainly classified as 1-’File Infector Viruses’ that bind to system files, usually files that are executable as a program(.exe files), 2-’Macro Viruses’ infecting programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and other programs that execute macros and 3-’Overwrite Viruses’ that overwrite files with custom code on infecting a system, often with malicious intent. These are virus forms designed to destroy information from files and programs. Another virus form is the ‘Polymorphic Virus’, a form of dynamic malware that modifies underlying code without destroying the original code or altering the basic functions and features of an infected program.

Users are advised to download software only from verified and legitimate sources to prevent virus attacks. Pirated or hacked software that is free is alluring to users but often carries dangerous payloads. Downloading a reliable antivirus is an effective counter against malware attacks. AttackSolutions antivirus software prevents malicious software from exploiting system vulnerabilities, detects viruses, worms, and other malware infections, quarantines and deletes identified malware and restores damaged files and applications. Our antivirus software is regularly updated to store new signatures in the database, enabling rapid detection and removal of viruses, worms and other forms of malicious software.


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