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URL Injection Attack

In a URL Injection attack, hackers target websites by adding malicious code to URL links to make it seem like the website endorses illegitimate or dangerous websites. Websites that run using different server-side scripts such as PHP, ASP, JSP and others along with a database are particularly vulnerable. Websites send user commands to databases via URL parameters that could be manipulated and misused to execute scripts without authorization, create new pages injected with spam or dangerous code or redirected to harmful websites. Code Injections could be easy to detect but more sophisticated injection techniques have become harder to recover from.

Websites running outdated applications, insecure folders or accessing many third-party plug-ins are vulnerable to URL attacks. Link Injections are hard to detect as outgoing connections are either encrypted or masked by legitimate code, making them virtually impossible to uncover. Most users become aware of link injections only when they observe a dip in their Google Ranking. Before an injection can be identified and cleaned from a system, users must be sure their systems harbor malicious links. Google webmaster tools help detect such injections while updating outdated applications and running website security tools helps cover vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, once detected, URL Injections can be dealt with quickly and effectively. The Attack Solution Penetration testing team is highly qualified to identify vulnerabilities in any website to prevent URL Injection attacks. We perform a structured collection of queries to test for fundamental configuration problems and design innovative techniques to test code in different ways to discover vulnerabilities not identified during the code injection process. AttackSolutions also provides its user’s firewalls against external attacks. We revise our safety guidelines frequently with techniques like signature recognition and IP Reputation to cover recently identified vulnerabilities and update our firewalls accordingly.


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