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Exploit Kit

Exploit kits are automated attacks that use compromised websites to divert web traffic, scan browsers for vulnerabilities and propagate malware. These kits are designed to identify and leverage system or application vulnerabilities when users browse the web and land on compromised web pages. Exploit kits work automatically and silently in the background to infect a victim’s device while providing vital feedback to hackers. Owing to their sophisticated design and automated nature, exploit kits are currently among the most common mass malware delivery mechanisms or Remote Access Tool (RAT), making it easier for hackers to access compromised systems.

Exploit Kits begin with a compromised website. This website is used to discreetly direct Internet traffic to another landing page. The landing page is designed to insert malicious code into vulnerable browser applications. When a vulnerability is discovered, the exploit kit delivers a payload that infects user devices. The payload is often a file downloader that retrieves malware onto the victim’s host. Sophisticated exploit kits send binary encrypted payloads over the network which are then decrypted and executed on the victim’s system. Among exploit payloads like Keyword loggers, botnets, ransomware and banking Trojans, ransomware is the most common.

The best protection against exploit kits is to keep browsers, applications and Operating systems constantly updated with the latest versions and patches. AttackSolutions continually tracks the latest versions and patches from vendor companies and directs users to upgrade their software when required. AttackSolutions also mitigates the risk of an attack by blocking recognized malware and exploits, and rapidly detecting new threats. At AttackSolutions lab, a vigilant team constantly scrutinizes emails, links and files for malicious content. If the inspected content is malicious, safeguards are designed to protect user devices, thereby effectively halting exploit kits from progressing through its lifecycle.


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