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Code injection

Code Injection or Remote Code Execution (RCE) is the generic term used to describe malicious attacks carried out by manipulating code, where code snippets are injected into existing application code. This attack leverages poor design and a lack of robust coding. Code Injection attacks occur when adequate source code and result validation like formats and permitted characters are not available. A hacker could escalate the level of attack by executing system commands, OS commands and shell scripts that can compromise entire networks. Code Injections are sometimes easily detected but could be hard to uncover if well hidden.

The different types of code injections are Command Injection – to access OS and execute commands to assume control, SQL Injection – a query to retrieve sensitive data is inserted into the database, LDAP Injection – LDAP statements are inserted into web applications using a local proxy to grant unauthorized access and modify LDAP tree content, Server Side Includes(SSI) Injection – modifying web applications by inserting scripts in HTML pages or forcing them through user input, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Injection – where hackers inject malicious code into client side scripts from seemingly legitimate sites, directed at vulnerable user systems.

The AttackSolutions Penetration testing team is highly qualified to identify vulnerabilities to code injection in your web application. We execute a structured query set to test for fundamental configuration problems in the application, and design innovative techniques to penetrate code to uncover and fix vulnerabilities not identified during the code generation stage. AttackSolutions also provides firewalls to web applications to avoid code injection attacks. Our firewall protects our customers’ systems from previously identified vulnerabilities and our safety guidelines are constantly revised based on authentication systems like signature recognition, IP reputation and other intrusion detection methods.


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