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Adware is software designed to display commercial advertisements without user authorization. It is typically attached to freeware and is installed on the user’s device when the freeware is installed. Once installed, adware serves pop-up advertisements, redirects search requests on browsers to advertising websites and collects web browser data to target further advertisements. Adware is bothersome because it interrupts a user’s browsing habits, disrupts user workflows with continual pop-ups and causes a general system slowdown. Adware could also have more serious ramifications like directing users to spyware injected websites that could cause the device more serious damage.

There are legitimate software applications like those that host online advertisements that do not qualify as adware since ads are only displayed in certain areas within the application without affecting its functioning. However, programs that force pop-ups on the screen without user prompts do qualify as adware as they disrupt a user’s working style, cause a noticeably slower Internet experience, install new toolbars, plugins, and extensions, reset the user’s Home Page and redirect web pages without authorization. Some adware applications go as far as to install unauthorized software applications on the system, causing frequent web browser crashes.

Downloading or installing pirated or cracked versions of software is not advisable since most free software versions pack adware. AttackSolutions has reliable tools like Zemana, Hitman Pro, AdwCleaner and Bitdefender to counter adware. Our antivirus software alerts users about potential adware and assists them with uninstalling browser toolbars, extensions, and plugins installed without authorization. The antivirus also scans user devices regularly to identify adware infections. AttackSolutions maintains an extensive list of adware in our database that makes identification and removal of adware a quick and precise process ensuring that users have a pleasant Internet browsing experience.


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